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An Irish teen went into cardiac arrest and was later put into a medically-induced coma after a schoolmate yanked on his testicles last week. who has done extensive research on the topic of scrotal injuries, While the incident was rare, the year-old is not the first person to have his balls squeezed to.

Serious testicular injuries are relatively uncommon, but testicular injury can be painful. thing — a shot to the testicles, one of the most tender areas on a guy's body. Also, the location of the testicles makes them prime targets to be accidentally The good news is that because the testicles are loosely attached to the body.

If your son has groin pain, get him to a doctor right away. Testicular torsion is when the cord that carries blood to one of the testicles gets Torsion can happen to boys and men of any age, but is most common in to year-olds. It can happen after strenuous exercise, while someone is sleeping, or after an injury to the.